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Ways to manage strong emotions

As an adult, if I am triggered to feel the emotion of anger what actually is happening is my feelings are pointing me to an aspect of myself that I have rejected in my subconscious that is carrying the emotion of anger.

This is the aspect of myself that I learned to reject in the moment where I learn it was not safe to be angry.

For example. something can happen in my outter world that can trigger an emotion.

My inner beings are trying to give me feedback and causes me to feel triggered.

That trigger reveals the aspects of myself that I’ve rejected.

Because I do not want to feel triggered I continue to reject and suppress myself. This keeps me from healing my triggers and myself.

Constantly feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

This is why we avoid and distract ourselves because in our sober states we have to confront these injustices and injuries and it’s too uncomfortable to feel and address these wounds.

We put the wounds away with pain so the wounds come back up with pain.

We are trying to avoid the pain. However, the pain never actually goes away, we just suppress it. The pain lives within us, and continues to resurface by showing up as triggers.

In order to stop showing up reacting to life and constantly being triggered by life or people, we would have to confront and address these wounds, process our emotions and heal.

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