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The Greatest Weapon against Narcissists and Toxic People

The greatest weapon you can use against narcissists and toxic people is emotional indifference.

This means to disconnect yourself emotionally. You need to stop caring for them.

Stop being concerned about if they can heal, if they’ll be okay, how will they survive, will he or she be sad or be better for someone else?….

It’s your caring, empathetic nature that they abuse and take advantage of.

Narcissists and toxic people weaponize your empathy.

They use it to control and manipulate you.

Because the narcissist or toxic person, knows how much you care. They know how forgiving you are.

They know you’re afraid of being alone.

They know how much you love to rescue others.

Your empathy and care is their narcissistic supply.

Their narcissistic supply is the fuel to their ego, need for power and control.

When you try to hold a narcissist or toxic person accountable for their actions they will deflect, manipulate, rage, stonewall or become a victim.

When they become a victim by crying, bringing up their past or how they’ve somehow been hurt too, this activates your empathy or you will feel guilt for that which you aren’t to blame or responsible for.

Because of the guilt you feel you will self sabotage, neglect your own needs and care or empathize with the narcissist.

You then cater to the narcissist, trying to solve their problems.

This is how they control you indirectly.

By intentionally managing and monitoring your own emotions, you remove their power and control to manipulate you.

The Narcissists feels if I can gain an emotional reaction from him or her, then I can control them.

Removing the emotional attachment, removes their power to emotionally disturb and abuse you.

This is easier said than done, as narcissists and toxic people are often addicted to chaos and confusion. The narcissist or toxic person will intentionally start chaos or confusion to manipulate, control you, the relationship or environment.

If you want more information about this topic, how to manage and regulate your emotions, disengage from emotionally abuse or toxic people, or simply looking for support, I would love to support you on your healing journey.

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