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Signs you may be ignoring red flags

Ignoring red flags looks like:

Hyper focusing/fantasizing about their potential rather than accepting someone for who they actually are.

Rationalizing their short comings. So you can become their savior, as an attempt to fulfill your own desire to be “needed” or feel “validated.”

Justifying their insecurities, unattractive behaviors or any other past/current obstacles because of their trauma.

Lowering your standards, (making exceptions, settling for behavior that’s beneath your quality and caliber), so they can “ qualify” to be with you.

Lack of belief- This looks like dating from a place of convenience, with complete knowledge they don’t qualify or meet your standards, because you don’t truly believe you can have what you want. You settle for what their offering depending on how convenient their contributions contribute to your life.

Example, he or she meets your physical, financial, or babysitting needs, but isn’t an actual “partner” to you. I’m lonely, anxious or fearful so, I’ll see where this goes, “ settling for less.”

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