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Riding in the car with a narcissist or toxic person

Have you ever been stuck in the car with a narcissistic person? Let me know in the comments your thoughts and experience.

How do you manage a narcissistic injury to their ego, while you are in the car?

For those who aren’t familiar with the term narcissistic injury also known as a narcissistic wound; are emotional traumas that devastate a person’s defense mechanisms and crush their pride, ego and self worth.

Many narcissistic abuse survivors have been taught, while being in a relationship with a narcissist, to use the D.E.E.P. method which is an acronym for do not defend, do not engage, do not explain, do not personalize.

This can be hard to do especially when you’re in a confined space, and a narcissist is raging at you.

Drop in the comments if you’ve ever been stuck in the car with a raging Narcissist.

This type of experience can be a complete shut down to your nervous system.

Other than wanting to get out of the car with this person, which isn’t always typically an answer for these sorts of situations. Because there can be many factors preventing an individual from doing so, for instance, the speed of the car, the location, you may have children with you. Or you may be the one driving and it may be unsafe for you to stop the car. We may even think to ourselves to combat with them, however, this would be even worse if you’re the driver.

If you are not driving, then being raged at could be even more catastrophic

Studies have shown narcissists are more prone to drive unsafely, drive at high speeds , have road rage, and intimidate other drivers.

These experiences can be some of the most traumatic experiences because there is no escape and no one to see it.

Two solutions I can offer.

1. Suggesting to ride separately from the Narcissist, if possible. This can be quite difficult because often times narcissistic people can be extremely controlling, so they may not go for this one.

2. Another coping mechanism is to begin to observe the things on the outside of the car to distract your mind. Or using a count down method, where you count backwards from 100 slowly or reciting the alphabet in your head. Disassociating temporarily is the key.

Finding ways to be grounded in yourself.

Recognizing this is a them issue not a we or me issue.

If there are other passengers, such as children, make sure to take time aside to check in with them. This is important to their developmental growth and feeling of emotional safety.

I hope this was helpful.

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Coach Lo♥️

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