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Neglect in Romantic Relationships

A narcissist is never going to be grateful for the things that you do for them, because one of the traits of narcissism is having a sense of entitlement.

So all the things you’re doing for them, sacrificing for them, all the parts of yourself that you are giving to them, they feel entitled to it.

When the narcissist appears to be ungrateful, this unappreciative behavior causes you to feel as if you aren’t doing enough.

So you begin to give and do even more.

Hoping that they’ll notice.

Hoping that they’ll be appreciative.

Hoping that they’ll be grateful.

Hoping that they’ll see your worth.

Yet the narcissist continues to take, take and take, with little to no recognition or reciprocation.

This is and forever will be, the dynamic of a relationship with a narcissist.

You will forever be giving and sacrificing while they are forever taking without thinking twice about it or without the intention of meeting you at a reciprocal level of love, commitment, attention, affection or sacrifice.

You will not get the narcissist to appreciate you no matter how much you give or try.

It doesn’t matter how much you’re pouring into someone when they are a bottomless pit.

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