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How emotionally immature parents handle relationships with their children:

Being raised by emotionally immature parents feel lonely and exacerbating.

Read the list below to discover if you were raised by an emotionally immature or egocentric parent/caregiver.

I didn’t feel listened to

My parent’s moods affected the whole household

My parent was insensitive to my feelings

I felt like I should’ve known what my parent wanted without being told

I felt like I could never do enough to mask my parent happy

I was trying harder to understand my parent(s) than my parent was trying to understand me

Open and honest communication with my parent was difficult or impossible

My parent thought people should play their role and not deviate

My parent was often intrusive or disrespectful of my privacy

My parent played favorites as to whom got the most attention

I always felt my parent thought I was too sensitive and emotional

My parent stop listening when he or she didn’t like what was being said

I often felt guilty, incompetent, stupid, bad or ashamed around my parent.

My parent rarely apologized or tried to improve the situation when there was a problem between us.

I often felt pent up anger toward my parent that I couldn’t express

Checking off more than one of these items suggest some level of emotional immaturity.

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