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Healing Cognitive Distortions

In our childhood we can unconsciously create stories or cognitive distortions about ourselves in an effort to make sense of the neglect, harsh words or punishment, and abuse we’ve experienced from our parent or caregiver.

These distortions were created in an effort to protect you and/or because you were unable to articulate with your childlike mind the harshness, the neglect, the abuse from people you were also supposed to look to for protection and trust.

Because our immature, under developed mind could not make sense of those harsh experiences, as children we often blamed ourselves for the way our parent(s) treated us. As our parents are our first models of relationship and how we are to interact (what we should or shouldn’t tolerate) in relationship.

These cognitive distortions may have been effective in your childhood environment, however these negative beliefs are most likely hindering you in your adult relationships. As an adult we must put away childish thinking and think with our adult logical mind and stop replaying messages from the past that no longer serve us and are hindering us from living our best lives.

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