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Growing up as the invisible child

Healing the invisible child.

This is the child who grew up with narcissistic, egocentric or abusive parents who were extremely neglected and almost forgotten.

This child doesn’t serve functions that their parent(s) want or need or this child may not make the parent look good.

Or this child may have a parent who is neglectful and resist the demands of parenting. Doing the minimum and resent any demands on their time or interest from the child.

These children are often unseen and their needs are overlooked.

The child may become introverted and feel like a throw away.

The child may feel like remaining invisible and out of the way is what the parent(s) want and may negatively internalize this and feel as if their interest aren’t worth while.

This becomes part of their identity.

They’re reluctant to try new things, or other personal risk.

They dress/present themselves in a way that wouldn’t cause notice from the world.

The child may feel like being unseen is safer than being the object of embarrassment, abuse or harsh remarks.

This can shape the invisible child’s self esteem into believing they aren’t worthy of being seen, valued or protected. “ it’s okay I can do it, or it’s okay, you can skip over me.”

Does this post resonate with you?

Have you been classified as shy, extremely independent or socially anxious?

Are you struggling to feel seen and heard in your adult life? This may look like advocating for your needs and wants, asking for help or simply establishing healthy boundaries.

Do you feel often neglected, forgotten or like you don’t fit in?


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