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Ghosting Hurts

Ghosting is when someone suddenly ends all contact and communication with another without any explanation and often times ignoring any attempts to communicate or reach out.

Being Ghosted can be a hurtful and confusing experience; and can leave you with a lot of unanswered questions.

Here are 5 reasons why people ghost you:

1. Fear of intimacy- those who have a fear of intimacy may ghost you in an act of self perseverance.

The individual may have a fear of commitment or abandonment, which causes stress and anxiety.

2. They don’t feel safe. The individual no longer feels safe in the situation they’re in. This could be due to bullying, verbal abuse or a crossing of someone’s personal boundary.

3. Irresponsibility- it’s the easiest course of action. Ending a relationship can be difficult.

If you are the one who has to break things off, the conversation could be extremely uncomfortable and difficult.

4. They want revenge. Sometimes it could be because of an ex or due to cheating, Which can create feelings of bitterness or for another similar reason, a petty revenge. Which is all immaturity and shows a lack of emotional agility.

5. They are afraid of confrontation some people may ghost you because they are uncomfortable with confrontation. Some people have a fear of drama or backlash so they try to end things in what they believe is the most peaceful way possible.

Ghosting can happen for a variety of reasons, and often times it has nothing to do with the ghostee.

People can have personal things going on in their lives, which are influencing their decisions.

Remember, lack of communication, effort and maturity aren’t qualities that make up a healthy relationship.

If an individual doesn’t have the emotional maturity, ability to communicate their boundaries or needs, and lacks respect or appreciation for you; those aren’t characteristics many of us are attracted to, so where is the loss??

When we think about this with clarity and logic it doesn’t seem like you’re losing when someone ghost you, you’re winning. They did you a favor.

Remember rejection can also be redirection, re- purpose and realignment towards your goals and aspirations.

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