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Emotional safety and relationships

A relationship without emotional safety is an attachment.

In a secure, safe connection you will feel emotionally safe to express yourself.

A conversation about your feelings should not end in an argument. If so, that person is showing you, they’re unable to support you emotionally.

If you continue in this type of relationship dynamic you will begin to feel lonely and disconnected from your partner.

This happens because innately you know that this person is not a safe haven for your emotions, therefore you will not share your emotions.

The more you hide yourself from your partner the less you connect with your partner.

The emotional attachment you feel comes from trauma.

So though you are not connected you may still be attached. An attachment is not a connection.

An attachment is a stronghold, a connection is a bond.

One is a struggle while the other is calm or has a flow.

Often times the reason why you’re tip toeing around someone else is because that person has already shown you they cannot be trusted with your feelings, concerns or expressions.

You’re walking on eggshells to prevent an emotional injury to yourself, a defense mechanism to protect you from a perpetrator or aggressive behavior.

Aggressive behavior can be: name calling, rage, snapping, easily irritated, silent treatment, contempt, harsh words.

You don’t trust this person, so you think by tipping toeing around you can prevent their rage, or abuse… all you are doing is tolerating a controlling person and enabling their abusive behavior.

Does this resonate with you.

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