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Dysfunctional living: 4 droplets of wisdom

When we normalize dysfunction, that mindset programs us to find comfort in strongholds, toxic living and abusive patterns.

Here are four nuggets of wisdom to help release the toxicity in your life.

  1. You cannot make someone change by giving them more of what they already do not appreciate. By continuing to give to someone who is non reciprocal or unappreciative, you only enable the behavior you dread to experience. Your tolerance for the behavior is your also your acceptance of it.

2. Stop measuring your strength by how much you can endure. There is nothing wrong

with desiring to be considered and valued in the same way you consider and value others.

Reciprocity is the antidote to filling under appreciated.

3. Be aware of helpers fatigue. This is the inward exhaustion we feel when we are treating

others like a priority, while simultaneously being treated like an option. Consider the

possibility that you may be experiencing exhaustion, not because of everything that may be

going on, but because we’re trying to give from a place of emptiness.

4. Change is a matter of a man’s will (desire). You are not a rehabilitation center. Self healing is a

personal intention and responsibility.

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