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Healing looks like you accepting yourself as you are.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Self comparison is self assault.

If every human has their own fingerprint. A fingerprint that can never be duplicated, replicated or compared because of it’s uniqueness in character; that means each individual is and was intentionally created to be deliberately different, unique, or original.

Let’s embrace that for a moment ….✨✨🧘

So, then to compare yourself (incomparable) to another incomparable person, is literally unnecessary and pointless. As you could never be anyone else, so why not thrive to be yourself.

Some people aren’t willing to be their true-self with others due to fear of being rejected. For others fear of being judged and/or hurt; However, in most cases it is fear that causes the resistance in you.

Imagine if that fear no longer exists…..

Imagine, if you could be an example of what it’s like to be yourself and to hold space for another when they choose to do the same.

What if we didn’t judge the different.

What if we embraced the new.

What if you could radiant love.

What does that look like?…

Who would you be if you didn’t care what people thought about you?

Who would you be if you didn’t care what people said about you?

How would you show up to life, to work, to your relationship, to your family if you no longer gave a rats… a care… about the opinions and responses of others?

But instead Love yourself enough to know, you are and always have been and always will be on any day, at any moment, at any level consciousness…. ENOUGH ✨✨

Start with those questions.

Accept your answer.

Then ask yourself, where has comparing yourself to others or rejecting yourself to please someone else, paid off for you?

Love yourself


TalkOnTopicz 🧠

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