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Defeat Negative Emotions

It’s important to notice when you feel a negative emotion like hate, jealousy, resentment or anger towards someone….

When you feel negative emotions toward someone, in that moment, that energy isn’t hurting the other individual you are projecting onto; in the moment you’re harming yourself. As it is you who feel the pain of the resentment and anger and not the person it is directed to.

As we become older in our adult years, nobody really cares at the end of the day if you’re going to let them sit at the table with you.

So when you’re using your time and your energy to focus on negativity, to focus on the past, and who did what to you, harboring feelings of resement, anger and hate that is only being recycled and used against yourself. You are actually self inflicting pain onto yourself as others don’t feel your emotions…. You feel your emotions.

So even though you think you are hurting someone by not talking to them, resenting them or hating them again you’re the only person feeling those emotions and thinking those thoughts.

Which create feelings and emotions of negativity.

Every time you sit up and think of past experiences that hurt you, you are intentionally reliving painful experiences in real time.

Would you purposely harm yourself physically???

Then why do you do it emotionally or mentally?

By doing so, you intentionally reinfect yourself with those toxic or painful experiences; which in turn creates a mental conditioning, to think and act by default from that negative space.This then creates your personality and perspective of life.

And now you’ve been in a bad mood for 10/20 years…. Ever since your divorce, ever since you lost your career, ever since your parents got divorced, ever since you moved to this new location, etc… this is how we live from our stories (experiences).

We are not our experiences.

We witness an experience but we are Not the experience.

Often we get caught in a loop of excuses, placing blame and projecting onto others. This is a form of cognitive dissonance and self sabotaging behavior as we disregard how we are our own perpetrator in our own lives.

The same is true when you act from love. When you act from love with others you get to benefit from that loving behavior and energy.

Feelings are natural.

That is why we have feelings because they are apart of the human experience.

Feelings were not created for you to avoid or suppress them.

It’s okay and a strength to process your emotions and a step towards building emotional agility.

As humans, we were designed to process pain that’s why it is apart of the human experience.

You do yourself a disservice when you neglect yourself and avoid your own feelings.

Remember there can be no positive experience without its counterpart the negative.

What dictates our experience is the way we respond and the meaning we give to the positive or negative in our lives.

Coach Lo

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