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5 ways to practice detachment

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

•Stop always being available: have a life, other interest, hobbies, etc. When you’re too available it sends off a desperate vibe and can translate into you do not have much to do. Therefore you become an option to him or her, because he or she knows you’ll always be available and that is often taken for granted over appreciation.

Never cancel your plans for a date, they can wait. This builds curiosity/mystery.

•Lead with your head not your heart- Men are very good at this, women let’s follow suit and be logical and less emotionally attached.

• Have options. When you date one man/woman at a time, it increases the likeliness of you becoming emotionally attached. Dating multiple men or women at a time keeps you realistic and you are less likely to settle for someone’s lack of effort, shortcomings or basic behaviors because you know you got other options. On Periodt

Now…Keeping your options open, isn’t an invitation to sleep with multiple people (however do what you do), but to have multiple options. There’s a difference ✅

Don’t allow yourself to have emotions for dating prospects who haven’t earned that place in your heart or head.

•Remember the dating lessons you’ve learned.

This will be motivation not to repeat the same past dating patterns. Example, if in the past you’ve dated and didn’t receive reciprocity in those experiences, you’re not going to date someone who isn’t showing equal effort or interest.


• Have standards:

Have a standard around who you allow to come into your home and in your body.

When you give every dating partner the same experiences, access to your personal space and sex; these things become common and not sacred or privileged.

You are a supreme being and so is your energy. It is a privilege to know and experience you, as there is only one you. An original. Treat yourself like a rare Gem, uneasily acquired.

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