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4 Ways to connect with yourself

  1. Stop asking for approval:

Even in the small things. For example, asking peers or others, should you go to the store, should you date a particular man or woman.Learn to trust yourself. Begin in the small things. Exercise that muscle to strengthen your self trust.

2. Manage your emotions: Know and understand what triggers you and why.

It’s not beneficial nor attractive to have adult tantrums. Children have tantrums because they lack the ability and logic to express themselves maturely. Often times children do not have the mental capability to articulate their needs, wants and emotions. Do not minimize yourself by operating from a childlike expression, behavior or mindset by acting from your emotions verses logically expressing yourself.

3. Set clear intentions and goals for yourself:

Set weekly or monthly goals to achieve. For example, I’m going to work on my business this week or I will be more confident this month. This will build self confidence the more competent you are in the things that benefit you. Being ideal is the devils playground. Lack of direction and intention, causes us to fill our time with things that aren’t in alignment with our best interest. For example, dating out of boredom and not intentionally can open up a can of whip Azz.

4. Establishing Healthy Boundaries: Protect your energy.

As women, many of us are are natural born healers. As healers we can often attract broken people.

Just like you have borders, a door, to protect your home, we should have borders, boundaries around our energy, resources and time.

Why would you protect your home by having a door in the front and back and leave yourself wide open for anything and everyone. You are much more precious than the home you live in.

#purposefulliving #feminity #selfloveandacceptance #healingaftertrauma

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