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Relationship Kit

Unhealthy Relationship VS Healthy Relationship


Signs of an unhealthy relationship:

Unable to express your needs because he/she refuses to listen


Disrespect or lack of kindness 













Confusion and self doubt 


Refuses to meet reasonable request


Sexual  physical, emotional, financial abuse


You feel sad, angry, disappointed or drained after most interactions


Relationship is one-sided you give and they take


Refusal to change unhealthy behaviors


Lack of trust




Harmful Addictions 

Signs of a healthy relationship:

Healthy relationships have boundaries 













Share similar values and interest 


You feel safe to express and be yourself 


Honesty & trust




The relationship feels safe and centered 


Healthy communication- you feel safe to express your concerns


There’s reciprocity


Your on the same page 

How to protect yourself against a narcissist or toxic person

•Don’t defend 

• Don’t engage 

•Don’t react/respond 

•Don’t  be provoked


These tips can be hard to do with an abusive person. I can support you and equip you will tools to regain your strength and power.

Book a discovery call today. 


What’s your relationship story?


•Do you find yourself feeling as if you have to walk on eggshells?


•Do you feel lonely in your marriage or relationship?


•Do you feel your needs and wants go unseen and unheard? Or are only met far and in between.


• Do you feel as if the relationship or household, are yours to bare, while your partner enjoys the lighter responsibilities in the relationship?


• Are you frustrated and feel stuck? You want a better life, marriage or relationship, but can’t seem to find the way to get there?


•Do you often question whether or not this is the right relationship for you? 


•Do you feel anxious when your partner is around?


• Do you think your partner is a Narcissist?


If this sounds like you, let’s connect. I’ve got a solution to your problem.

Book a Free discovery call with me Today.

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