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My name is Aloma. Feel free to call me Lo.

I’m a life coach with a niche in spirituality and relationships.


I became passionate coaching women and men who want to heal from shame and painful relationships. Who are looking to reconnect with themselves, and regain their life and confidence back. After I myself, suffered from an unhealthy marriage that caused me to loose the one person I love the most; Myself. 


I had given up. I began to sit back and watch life happen to me; living a victim story. Until I got tired of living a life that kept leading me back to unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I went to therapy, studied emotional intelligence for over 5 years and have a bachelors degree in psychology. I’ve also worked with At risk youth and done volunteer work for various non profit organizations. After coaching people unprofessionally for ten years I enrolled with the Jay shetty life coaching school to get certified as a license coach. 

As a coach I help clients gain clarity and insight. I provoke their ability to find the answers they seemingly otherwise had not seen. I encourage and support self growth. Transformation is the result.


If coaching sounds like something that interest you; If you are looking for insight into your circumstances; or if you’ve wanted coaching but it just wasn’t in the monthly budget, well here is your chance to take advantage of this one time offer.

Right now, I’m offering free 15 minute discovery calls and one free session. This offer ends 7/7/2021.


Feel free to email me at or book your free 15 minute discovery call on my website at and let’s discover if working with a coach is right for you. 




TalkOnTopicz 🧠

Here through my website, you can find healing tools, meditation, emotional and spiritual coaching. If you are inquiring about our services or a service you do not see, contact us via email. 

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