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My name is Coach Lo


I am a life coach with a niche in mindset and spirituality.


Welcome to a space where you will experience pure potentiality, heightened awareness, and harness the internal power to create your life; as you participate in the coaching process. 


I am so excited to be apart of your healing journey. I hold a bachelors of psychology degree; along with my Jay Shetty life coach certification. I have over ten years working experience in public services. I have experience working with At Risk children and I am the author of the book “The Journey: My road to self alchemy.”


My self-healing journey started over a decade ago. I was stuck in my routine life, trapped  in my past experiences and stagnant. I had forgotten how to be happy, how to love fearlessly, how to believe in myself, how to accomplish goals. I began to look, seek, knock, until I found Myself. I found healing, authenticity and my true divine identity.


Welcome to the first day of your new life.

Coach Lo

TalkOnTopicz 🧠

Here through my website, you can find healing tools, meditation, emotional and spiritual coaching. If you are inquiring about our services or a service you do not see, contact us via email. 

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